Our Technology

Kubos’ IP enables the growth of single phase cubic-GaN on large diameter cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC) wafers grown on silicon. These wafers have been successfully fabricated on commercial LED processing foundry.

Kubos technology’s key benefits for RGB markets include:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased brightness
  • True Green micro LEDs
  • Improving efficiency of green LEDs with cubic technology should contribute towards cost reduction for green LED manufacturing than using conventional hexagonal-GaN technology
  • Scalable production on 6-inch (150mm) Si based technology with potential to be transferred to larger 8 (200mm) and 12-inch (300mm) Si substrates
  • Direct compatibility with hexagonal-GaN LED fabrication processes
  • MOCVD grown cubic LEDs can be fabricated in both Si and Sapphire fabrication foundries
  • Advancements in using a GaN on silicon platform for monolithic addressable micro-LED arrays
  • A natural RGB based white light source

Our cubic-GaN technology is fully compatible with standard LED manufacturer’s production line on large diameter Si Substrates.